do you juice?

As you know most of my life was spent in a health food store,  and before that it was tagging along to the yoga classes my mom taught. (WAY before it was “cool”) so… some items I have always LOVED. Carrot juice is one of them. Plain yogurt. Carob anything. Assorted nuts and seeds. REAL peanut butter. And (as you know) tofu. I am lucky enough to own a juicer, in case you were thinking about juicing…. here’s some of my favorites.

carrot. carrot/apple/parsley.

wheat-grass- is an acquired taste- but the green “high” you get from it make it worth it. I crave that stuff. Yum.

cucumber and apple…. carrot and orange and a tiny bit of fresh ginger

beet and apple …. parsley, spinach, cucumber, apple and carrot- It looks ugly but its a powerhouse!’

blueberries rock- need I say more?  Pineapple mixed in with any green is good- the super sweetness will mask any earthy tones… hmmm. Just my 2 cents on juices. Hey! I have a blender…. want me to do smoothies next?

Juicing is fun… the only thing? What to do with the “poo” that is the by-product of juicing. I usually put it in my compost bin, but- I would love to make something edible with it….any suggestions?

It really looks like poo….

…and there is quite a bit…. thanks for stopping by today! Feel free to add your 2 cents, too!

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