comfort food….

There is something about comfort food. Cozy. Filling. Warm. Basic. No fancy sauces or hard to find ingredients. There is just the simpleness of the meal. Nowadays, meals like this are an indulgence. But what a nice indulgence to have once in a while…..
Above are my fried pork chops… I double batter them: dip in seasoned flour, then beaten egg and then bread crumbs. Wait 5min and repeat the process. I try to use as little oil as possible to fry them. ( I do have a health conscience side to me!) and serve them with whole grain brown rice and corn. oooo. and gravy. mmmm. I have to give a special thank you to my hubby with this photo. With the lighting problems and slow shutter speeds he suggested turning off the lights for the pic. Brilliant! This pic was taken using only natural light from the window and an fstop set at 5.6.Thank you to my hubby for putting up with photos when he’s hungry and even helping me a bit along the way. What a guy. A note to my vegetarian friends: I’m sorry… veggie recipes next week!

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