camp weekend II

camp weekend II~ aka feeding the mosquitoes

My friends out there on Twitter & Facebook, & Instagram all know what I did over the weekend… it’s starting to become a tradition. When my hubby leaves on a fishing trip, my daughter and I camp. It’s usually only my daughter and I… because his trips occur in the summer- and my step daughter is up north during the summer.

The seas are too rough for trips during other times of the year… I’m sure “someone” out there was wondering. 😉


My husband went to the Bahamas, hoping for some yellowfin tuna- but instead got blackfin tuna, conch, snapper, grouper and lobster tails and coconut rum. I’m not complaining about that!

I’m glad that there were four families to divide up the bounty.

And, yes- we’re eating fish tonight. :)And, I’ll be getting an arm workout pounding out conch meat. But, that’s another post.

So, back to camping:

I have to say, I LOVE the two pics with the tent.. the first one has that 70s vibe (thanks Instagram!) and the fire just looks cozy with the other. However…the mosquitoes were tough. I think we both donated to their blood bank, despite using the full-force replant. Summertime for ya…

The food is my favorite part-we ate traditional campfire food- baked beans, hot dogs, homemade potato salad and Jiffy Pop and S’mores. Somehow, it all tasted so much better outside.

We had a visitor as well… my tortoise decided to come see what was going on- fortunately, he didn’t overturn the table. Oh yeah~ see the Baker’s unsweetened chocolate on the table? My daughter insisted that it was for s’mores. Thank goodness I convinced her it wasn’t before she tried it.

Let’s face it: Chocolate sucks without sugar.

We also decided to stop camping at midnight. The “sticky-wet-heat” was bothering my daughter, so we went inside & stayed up late watching cartoons. Which, was totally fine by me. 😉

Along with camping, we had a major craft-a-thon- I’ll be posting those over at The Domestic Mama later today.

Have an awesome day!


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