best thing I ate this week

There is one thing I ate over the weekend, and it was so good I decided to share it with you. But, I also have to explain my absence lately-sucky days  here. I DO have a SLEW of posts to catch up on… Tech Munch, giveaways, paninnis, pies, pesto, I have a few hundred pics to organize and edit…BUT…

But, things have been sucking around here.

You see.. there was this birds nest.

Birds are wonderful. The pests that live off them are not. And, these birds had mites. The mites then traveled to my stepdaughter’s room. If you follow me, you know I’m a bit of a germ-a-phob, but I’ve toned down quite a bit since I was 9 and had OCD with hand-washing. And, I’m not saying I had OCD as a light joke.. I had OCD to the point where my hands were cracked and bleeding and I’d STILL have to wash them. This was triggered right after my mom was raped and left for dead, so I know now that it was a psychological response to a traumatic event, and through counseling over the ordeal, I eventually overcame the problem. Then, it returned when I was 12 with hair washing that was triggered when there were head lice at my school and at the same time my mom had gone into a coma twice during withdrawls from Valium.  I never got head lice, but I’d constantly wash my hair when ever I could. Even in the bathroom sink with the powdered soap at school. Then I’d lie and say I was hot or something..That being said, I still have a tendency to over-clean a bit. And, I had a pretty crappy childhood from the ages of 8-13.

I’m in food production. That’s my excuse for over cleaning now. 😉 And, I went to college for Psychology, now I can explain the behavior. Also, I have learned that no matter what the crappy event is that you’re going through now, it will eventually be a thing of the past and better days lie ahead. I learned that pretty young~ but that’s okay, because it made my adult life easier. Sometimes, I’m really glad I got the crappiest days over with.

Anyway, these lovely little *%^# birds… have now made my OCD tendencies come back out. Not fun. It’s exhausting. And, the past three days I have been dealing with bird removers and pest control people. I also have been mentally tormenting myself researching bird mites. If this ever happens to you, whatever you do… don’t Google it. There is this extreme site out there that really has some good but also really bad information. Information that will make you cry and want to go swim in Lysol. Not that I’ve done that… Listerine however….

Anyway…if it ever happens to you just email me. Because they can be destroyed. They CAN’T live off you (like scabies) and they don’t fly, jump or hop. (Or levitate for that matter) But, it sucks pretty bad to do the decontamination process (think: head lice cleaning) and, I’m dreading my electric bill from my dryer usage. (Thank God I was blessed with a free dryer from my neighbor!)

My advice for today is: If you have a birds nest ANYWHERE near your house~ have it removed. Seriously. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Now that I’ve vented would you like to see the last best thing I ate this week?

A fresh baguette, goat cheese, sliced strawberry and a sprig of thyme.

Oh yes.


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