bacon cheddar puffs

bacon cheddar puffs~a must make for your next get-together!

I have a little confession to make: I made these twice. And, I totally bombed the first batch. Yep, I screwed it all up and added double the amount of butter. Whoops. I will just blame it on multitasking… because I was also singing Christmas carols at the same time. Oh yeah, I was jamming out early to “Oh Holy Night”.

Mental note: Don’t jam out while measuring precious fats like butter. Because now I am out a stick of butter. Grrr.

Anyway, I turned the radio off and concentrated on this second batch. Mmmm. It was worth it.

I have over a month left to jam out to jingle bells.  Yippeee!

So… speaking of holiday music…I know that some people are not quite ready to jam out to that yet. One holiday at a time, I know, I know. Just for the record, I refuse to pull out any decorations until December 1st.So I’m with you there.

But, I’m excited this year. It’s not that I want any “big thing”- in fact, it’s not about me at all. Maybe that’s why I am so excited this year.

So- back to this recipe! I made it wrong at first- misreading the measurements. But oh boy- the second time = TOTAL KEEPER! And, it makes a lot. Perfect for parties! Or, you can easily cut the recipe in half. I got this recipe from Sargento, I am finding myself on that site a lot these days- mainly since my family loves cheese, so 95% of the recipes there are keepers. If you’re a vegetarian, you could omit the bacon- and then they would just be cheddar puffs. Maybe add a tad more cheddar cheese if you omit the bacon. Mmmm, cheese.

That missing 5%? My hubby is picky about seafood.

He loves to fish, but not eat it. Weirdo.

(Just kidding, sorta. More sushi for me!!!)

To  make up a batch of bacon cheddar puffs go here:

Bacon cheddar puffs– it’s all ready for you to print!




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