pink grapefruit cookie bars

You know I am always honest with you guys. So, when something is OMG good I let you know, and if something is “ehh” I let you know that, too. Although I try not to waste any one’s time on a lot of “ehhh” posts. We all need our time.

Speaking of time, my lil one is turning 3 Monday. She wants a “rainbow-monster-cockroach cake”. I think I told you that…but- yesterday she officially began to swim. Just out of the blue she “got it” . We were at the in-laws hotel pool and some other people had dropped key in the pool. So, she got her Me-maw’s keys and did the same thing. There is a video of it “out there” I will try and share it with y’all in the next few days….or hours.

So……. Foood! I wanted to make pink lemonade bars- but couldn’t find pink lemons. While I wait for the science people to work on my idea of grafting a ruby red grapefruit with a Meyer lemon, I suppose I will have to make do. I made pink grapefruit bars. They were good, but honestly I am a vanilla girl. And, I didn’t like the hue of pink in the frosting- by the way… paste colors are WAAAAAY stronger than liquid.  Live and lean for me!

Neon is not appetizing.

Nonetheless I took some pics…

Hmmm, maybe it’s brighter in my memory. It doesn’t look that bad there.

See the specks in the cookies? That’s grapefruit rind. I used too much. Whoops. See the fluffy frosting? I put too much salt in it. Whoops.

However- they still taste good. Just not my favorite. Should you make them?Yes- but not “my way” Instead, do this:

With the sugar cookie bar recipe found here

add 3 tbs grapefruit juice in lieu of milk with the buttercream frosting recipe. Omit the grapefruit zest in the batter. trust me- vanilla rocks.

Wait! I know what you are thinking….where are the sandwiches and easy dinners this week?

Unanticipated leftovers and lack of dessert.

I had several meals planned for this week with the in laws in town. I made too much food and we had leftover nights. I neglected to whip up dessert the first few nights so I made these.  I am such a slacker.

But- oooo tonight’s meal will be a keeper for y’all on busy nights.  🙂

Finally done with the taco loaf!

As for desserts, go- I am putting on my apron (if I remember) and getting ready to whip up a ” rainbow-monster cockroach chocolate” cake.  Yum. LOL! 🙂

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