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fresh pasta with lemon pepper butter sauce

fresh pasta with lemon pepper butter sauceCreamy, buttery and tangy…

Oh yes. Let’s pretend it’s springtime and bite into this savory concoction.

Of course, I’m in Florida- and our winters are spring compared to other geographical parts, and our summer and fall? Oh those are summer and Africa

. What?

Africa isn’t a season? It is here. We have hot and then we have Africa-hot.

But, I try to do my best and embrace each food season. I usually associate citrus stuff with spring, so that’s why I’m calling this a springtime dish. Too much info?

So… as most of you know I love going thrifting, you just never know what you’ll find. The other day week month (okay it took me awhile to use it) I found this barely used pasta machine. A pasta express. For $10! Ch-ching!  It is so awesome, it mixes the dough and extrudes it into one of , get this – ELEVEN dies! I finally can make homemade macaroni noodles. (Not that it has been big on my to-do list, but hey.. now I can make spinach elbows)

homemeade pasta_0002I tell you folks, there is nothing like fresh homemade pasta…

A funny thing about fresh vs. store bought:

An actual serving size fills you up. Seriously, it’s the weirdest thing.  one 1/2 cup serving of fresh pasta is a belly filler that will make you feel like you ate a bowl. Odd.

Toss in a few meatballs and I’m full for a week.

I cannot wait to make this with my stepdaughter, she just started taking cooking classes at her school and oooooo I can’t wait for us to play with this new “toy”.

Speaking of… funny story.

My hubby sleepwalks, sometimes he sleepwalks and attempts to pee in the laundry hamper (fortunately, I stop him from that) sometimes he walks out on the front porch in the middle of the night (sorry neighbors- he sleeps in the buff) and sometimes he wanders into another bedroom and falls asleep there. Usually it’s my stepdaughters room , since she’s only here 4 days a month the bed is usually empty. But… the other week, I heard him get up to pee, and then I assumed he was getting some water or checking his phone…about 20 seconds later, my stepdaughter came in, and said he was in her room. I went to go wake him up, (they say don’t wake a sleepwalker, but whatever) The next morning we were laughing and thinking it was time to put a baby gate up to keep sleepwalkers out…..

Never a dull moment.


Back to dinner:

homemeade pasta_0001You don’t have to use hommade fresh pasta for this recipe, though. I’m just advising you to buy that pasta machine when you see one that’s a deal.

Don’t spend $200 retail.

Bargian hunt.

Then, celebrate with a bowl of buttery lemony carbs.

lemon pepper pasta



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